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We have vast experience in dealing with a diverse range of biomass materials. We treat each material individually, delivering a personalised service that assures our clients their material is in the best hands.

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How Can You Get the Most from your Biomass?

Knight Energy Services offers a broad suite of highly accurate analytical methods to help our clients:


Protect systems

Combustion systems are built to exact specifications, requiring a consistent fuel source. We accurately determine the quality of your biomass, enabling you to be efficient with your systems.


Predict your energy output

We can determine Gross & Net Calorific Value, meaning you are clear on your material’s fuel potential.


Determine moisture content

We understand the critical value in knowing the moisture content of your biomass, and as such we will only provide you with the most accurate result.

Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to also offer personalised plant and port inspection services.


  • Draft Survey
  • Loading and Discharge Supervision
  • Sampling and Sample Preparation
  • Field Testing
  • Hose Test Supervision
  • Hold Cleanliness Inspection
  • Auto-sampler bias testing

Get in touch, and one of our experts can give you a tailored quote based on your requirements.


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Analytical Suite


  • Total and Air Dried Moisture
  • Particle Size and Distribution
  • Sub-particle Sizing
  • Particle and Bulk Density
  • Durability and Fines of Pellets
  • Heavy Metals
  • Westinghouse water absorption test
  • Ash Content and Fusion Characteristics
  • Total Sulphur
  • Ash Mineral Composition
  • Volatile, Organic and Fixed Carbon
  • Gross and Net Calorific Value
  • Elemental Carbon, Hydrogen,
  • Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulphur
  • Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine and Iodine


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